Unleashing a New Standard of Modern Lifestyle in BSD City Nestled in the heart of West BSD City, Eastvara is surrounded by boundless excitement and modern living. Our unique personality shines bright and inspires passion, setting a new standard in the region, and redefines the concept of commercial center complex


A sustainable green concept is one of the priorities in Eastvara.

Outdoor pavements, planted greeneries, and other natural elements within Eastvara are implemented to provide a green oasis of calamity for shoppers to stroll around the stores.
This green architectural design provides a positive environment with lower carbon footprints.

The commercial compound incorporates passive cooling techniques such as natural ventilation.
The applied technique is also effective in reducing carbon emissions. In addition,
natural air conditioning allows many to access a fresher and healthier environment.

Eastvara commits to be thoughtful about waste in many aspects. One of the act is by encouraging various ways to minimize waste production through reduce and recycle activities.
Eastvara also utilizes public recycling bins to sort each waste according to the material.

These actions are taken to inspire the community in creating a better future for the planet.